In the past, the only career path worth bragging about was to enter a prestigious educational institution,  learn  new profession via several years of academic learning and then graduate with a fully fledged degree – ready to tackle a career  head on. As anyone familiar with both today’s economic and employment market knows, this straightforward […]

Dealer Principals, also referred to as General Managers of dealerships, are responsible for the efficient running of the dealership as a whole. Through leadership and guidance, the dealer principal is concerned with planning, coordinating and motivating the management of the dealership to consistently drive its performance and success. A dealer principal’s duties may include, amongst […]

How do women compete within the automotive industry? There is an interesting contrast when it comes to women’s influence over the automotive industry. While only 21% of all American automotive manufacturers’ staff are women (of which a mere 16% find themselves in upper management), 52% of all the car bought in America are bought by […]