How do women compete within the automotive industry?
June 5, 2015 By Artisan Academy

How do women compete within the automotive industry?

There is an interesting contrast when it comes to women’s influence over the automotive industry. While only 21% of all American automotive manufacturers’ staff are women (of which a mere 16% find themselves in upper management), 52% of all the car bought in America are bought by women. And if they are not buying cars themselves, they are influencing more than 85% of all vehicle sales.

To speculate as to why women make up only 21% would prove difficult. It could be due to the fact that technical industries are still mainly perceived as ‘men’s playing field’ or that automobiles just don’t attract as many women as it does men. It could even be that once they have entered the industry, women are not promoted as frequently as their male counterparts and therefor they move to other industries.

Whatever the reasons may be, we are seeing a perpetual increase of women being present at all levels within the industry. The U.S. Department of Labour has recently released information that show a rapid increase in female service and repair technicians over a ten year period. In 1989 there were 880 000 service and repair technicians in the country of which 6 000 were women. By 1999 this picture had taken an interesting turn. While the total amount of service and repair technicians had decreased to 837 000, the amount of women in the field had doubled to 12 000.

This sprout of growth could be related to the fact that during this same period, more and more women were appointed in senior management roles in automotive companies in America, thus creating role models for younger women while at the same time showing younger women that the industry is not impenetrable for women.

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