Want to become a Dealer Principal? Here’s how!
June 19, 2015 By Artisan Academy

Dealer Principals, also referred to as General Managers of dealerships, are responsible for the efficient running of the dealership as a whole. Through leadership and guidance, the dealer principal is concerned with planning, coordinating and motivating the management of the dealership to consistently drive its performance and success.

A dealer principal’s duties may include, amongst other things:

  • Completing personnel performance reviews and aiding management in setting up goals.
  • Creating and maintaining good working relationships with key stakeholders like banks and parts suppliers.
  • Handling customer complaints quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Increasing employee morale and productivity and decreasing staff turnover.

Besides having a passion for people (both employees and customers) and being driven by sales, a dealer principal needs to be enthusiastic about the automotive industry. An integral part of the job involves managing and, perhaps more importantly, motivating people. Without a calm and honest demeanor that invites trust, the dealer principal will struggle to engage the dealership’s staff.

One could describe a dealer principal as a ‘Jack of all trades’ when considering the fact that besides being able to work with the product and the dealership’s employees, the principal needs to have a good business acumen and, at the same time, work well with customers.

McCarthy Training provides a solid foundation for apprentices to work their way up the dealership management ladder and become successful dealer principals. Equipped with the right set of tools and skills, our learners can perform their roles optimally and rapidly move from technicians to senior technicians, workshop foremen and service managers. From there, becoming a dealer principal is within reach.

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