The future for automotive technicians
July 16, 2015 By Artisan Academy

One doesn’t have to look far to see how complex the life of an automotive technician has become. Just think of ABS, EBD, VVT, DSG, hybrid technology, traction control systems, GPS mapping interfaces and cruise control… These are just some of the systems and features within modern vehicles that automotive technicians are required to master.

In fact, the American National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence reports that high-tech systems that were unheard of just 30 years ago are now commonplace in vehicles. “Given the advance of technology and a richly varied automotive industry that offers an array of positions and career paths, the future is bright for talented young persons with math, science, communications and technical skills. And unlike many high-tech careers that require four, six, or even eight years of college, automotive technology careers can begin after just two years of education,” explains the Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh.

The U.S. Bureau for Labour Statistics predicts that the need for automotive technicians will continue to raise. This is why they are expecting a 17% growth rate in the field in the next six years. This growth accompanies the increase expected for automotive sales as a whole.

As the popular technician’s blog, Tomorrow’s Technician, puts it: “Today’s automotive technicians have become the brain surgeons of the automotive industry”. With a continuous demand for new vehicles boasting modern technologies, the future for automotive technicians is bright and opportunities abound. Simply choose the perfect training provider, like the McCarthy Training Academy, and you will be well on your way to a building a career filled with success.



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