“Many discouraged me to become a Mechanic”
July 30, 2015 By Artisan Academy

If you are looking for some local inspiration for entering into the field of mechanics, look no further than local woman Mary Sunday. She is profiled in the Daily Sun on her choice of career – one that she says many discouraged her from pursuing. Not letting others get to her, Mary has overcome negative stereotypes and financial difficulties to become the managing director of MS Auto Ventures in Gbagada, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Mary’s first attraction to the field of mechanics started very young. “As a young schoolgirl, I used to go to my elder brother’s mechanic shop. I liked observing them fixing cars and asking questions on how they fix cars and the names of various spare parts. I discovered that I was quick in learning whatever they told me and I imitated the way they fix cars perfectly. However, I never gave a serious thought to becoming a mechanic.” Putting her dream aside, Mary decided to pursue a career in fashion design straight after finishing her secondary schooling. Eventually she settled into a career making men’s clothing and selling them door to door.

A chance encounter with a television programme changed things for Mary, when she viewed a popular female co-ordinator of a local Lady Mechanic Initiative (at the time Nigeria’s first female mechanic) urging other women to join her in the field. After many difficult years getting her business going, Mary has finally made a name for herself: “I’m proud of myself people respect me everywhere I go. I urge everyone especially women to go and acquire skills and become mechanics because it is a rewarding business with so many benefits”.

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