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November 13, 2015 By Artisan Academy

McCarthy’s Automotive Training Centres offer MerSETA accredited training and testing in both CBMT (Competency Based Modular Training) and Learnerships (NQF), for anyone seeking to pursue Diesel Mechanics, Motor Mechanics and Auto-Electrics.
McCarthy offers skills development, mentoring and accreditation for any like-minded individuals, looking for a career in cars.
Accreditations offered through McCarthy, at our McCarthy Automotive Artisans Academies (Durban, Midrand & Cape Town), are as follows:

  • National Certificate in Automotive Repair and Maintenance NQF 2
  • National Certificate in Automotive Repair and Maintenance NQF 3
  • Further Education and Training certificate in Automotive Repair and Maintenance NQF 4
  • National Certificate in Automotive Repair and Maintenance NQF 5
  • National Certificate: Autotronics NQF 2
  • National Certificate: Autotronics NQF 3
  • Further Education and Training Certificate: Autotronics NQF 4
  • National Certificate: Autotronics NQF5

McCarthy’s Motor Apprenticeships and training provide the skills and expertise necessary to begin a career in the auto-mechanic industry. Theory courses and generic practical training take place at McCarthy’s Training Academies. Each course emphasises 80% practical training and 20% theory training. Course participants are given time to study in the afternoons, once their motor mechanic training, electrical engineering training and electrical apprenticeship training has been completed for the day. After this, learners must return to ‘work’ to receive on-the-job practical experience, according to their competency level.

The Bidvest Automotive Training Academy has also developed a new and exciting Repair Shop Assistant (RSA) and General Service Technician Development (GTSD) programme. Each RSA must successfully complete the full training programme, ensuring the requisite competency for this role. This promotes and improves efficiency, competency and productivity in RSA’s and, results in a safer work environment. It also has the added benefit of improving our CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) as well as our ESI (Employee Satisfaction Index). All RSAs are developed to achieve full artisan status in their relevant trades. This makes the exit level assessment for this training program a National trade test.

It gets better – The Bidvest Automotive Training Academy is accredited as a DTTC (Decentralised Trade Test Centre). We level test and trade test all of our courses. The DTTC programs each consist of two weeks preparation and two days testing.

McCarthy offers a wide array of skills development and training. Enquire today and find the right fit for YOU!

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